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NoelevatortosuccessBlog Favorite:  WordDreams

What I love about it:

Jacqui is not afraid of marketing her work.

So many writers and artists shy away from ‘selling’.  It’s reasonable to want to focus on your creative skills, yet especially in the 21st century, no book, art or photographs are going to make a difference to anyone if they’re stuffed away in your filing cabinet or doc folders.  Blogging, social media and understanding the market for your work are essential activities, whether you want to self publish or find a traditional publisher.  There’s so much more to becoming a published author than just getting your butt in the seat.  With her blogs and book sales she reaches thousands of people and has created a good income from her efforts, discipline and creativity.

Jacqui loves to write and research.

These are both valuable skills in this world of publishing, blogging and authoring.  If you love to write, these are also skills you can commit to develop. She has sculpted her talents into blogs over the last 5 years or so,while continuing to update her tech books, and write her fiction. This blog focuses on sharing tips and resources for writers ready to take their craft more seriously. Part of writing well is continuing to improve your skills, and you’ll find plenty of quality content she has curated and created to help beginning or more advanced writers get on the right track.

WordDreams is creating an interactive community that is providing solutions and insights for writers.

Many blogs by authors are no longer personal. They don’t reply to comments, or they have such a large audience they hire someone to respond.  I love that she replies, adds more info or clarifies questions with each comment.  Her humor and depth of knowledge and experience make it a pleasure to spend some time exploring her blog.

Hot Tip for Me:

1. Get out there and support other authors and bloggers. Expand your community. Visit author or reading websites to provide reviews. Look for opportunities to connect, share and network. Someday those connections will be the ones who retweet your blog posts, review your latest book or help your spread the word when you finally get published. Start building your network now!

2. Be patient!  Jacqui started her blog 5 years ago, and started taking her writing seriously 15 years ago.  You and I can’t expect to have thousands of people visit our site until we have built a library of quality content.  Be prepared for a marathon, not a sprint, so you’ll reap the benefits of your consistent efforts, developing your skills and finding the writing opportunities that suit your personality and talents.

It’s not easy to do it all, but every writer needs a break from the blank page… a reason to get out and connect with others who share their passion, and present the world with your own unique talents.  Sometimes you even get some great ideas for your next book, article or blog post!


Blog Favorite:  Gone with the Wynns

What if you could hit the road, go from one adventure to another AND create income?  If you love travel, don’t mind living in small places with occasional challenges, the Wynn’s have a great blog to inspire you while keeping it real and honest about what it will take to make the RV life work for you.

This blog is chock full of real stories and tips from the road, plus success stories about people with the dream of traveling who also took their creative talents and began building a freelancing style of career income.

Here’s a link to their Make Money and Travel page that showcases a variety of entrepreneurial strategies that fellow RV-ers have developed with some deep thought about their talents and how to use them effectively while still living their own lifestyle.

Hot Tip for Me:   Writers, photographers, web designers and graphic artists really have a lot of options for mobile creative businesses. In hindsight, they recommend starting at least a year before you want to hit the road. Brainstorm, honestly assess your talents and what you love to do, then get starting. It can take time, effort and money to learn what you need to make the most of your creative juices, then put them into action as you start tweaking your product.

Start by exploring yourself and your options for supporting yourself. Check into your skills, lifestyle dreams and what you’re willing to do to get them.  Then, get creative! 


Inspiring Creative Entrepreneur: Take one 10-year old, an entrepreneurial family & commitment…what do you get?


You get  This is a new company inspired by a simple question from a 10-year old fashionista:  Why do both legs have to look the same?  This may not be the fashion statement you want to make, but what I love is that the idea was inspired by a young girl wanting to have fun with fashion, and turned into an action plan by a supportive, entrepreneurial family.  With a lot of effort and a network of talented people, they transformed a simple creative idea into a business that uses local, American talents and manufacturing.

Fashion, design and graphic arts are great vehicles for creating a freelance income or an entrepreneurial venture.  Social media, especially Pinterest, can provide both inspiration and a platform to share your creative ideas and products.

Hot Tip for Me:  Strike when the iron is HOT!  When you have an idea that solves a problem, gives people some fun and happiness or creates beauty in the world, don’t wait around and wonder if you should do something.  Talk to friends or family, find a mentor, network and partners you trust and create a plan of action.  Then just do it!


Inspiring Creative Entrepreneur:  Fashion with a vintage twist

I met Nicole Longstreath (virtually, that is) through my network of contacts interested in sustainable lifestyles.  Not too long ago, I had a great experience participating in her “Shop Your Closet” Facebook workshop and I realized she’s another great example of someone with a passion who turned it into a creative business.

She had taken her love for fashion, to help solve the problem women have with creating a wardrobe that is fun, flattering and fits their lifestyle.  By creating a business strategy that allows her to share fashion strategies that work for any woman by using the pieces they already own, shopping at thrift and vintage for a few key pieces and building confidence in their personal style, she’s creating an income on her own terms.

Hot Tip for Me: Nicole’s workshop included women from all over the world.  And we all had a great time sharing our wardrobe photos and getting feedback. The internet has opened so many doors for entirely unique ways to make money. Video can be key… people love videos as a way to explore ideas and information.  Webinars allow your to leverage your time and efforts.  E-publishing makes it possible for anyone whose committed to write and market their ideas in a book format.  And, of course there’s social media.  It’s all there for free or almost.

Check out Nicole’s videos.  Maybe this could be a nitch that ignites your entrepreneurial spark!

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