Food Mashups! My 7 Creativity Take-Aways from a Quirky Trend

Bruxie waffle mashupAs a creative person, I love messing with recipes almost as much as words and images. Add a little of this, use this instead of that, reduce the sugar, salt or whatnot.  It’s fun and after years of cooking, it comes naturally.

But I have to say, the new trend of food mashups is way beyond anything I’ve come up with… like waffle burgers, oreos baked inside of cookie dough or tostado lasagna.  All this may have started in home kitchens trying to figure out what’s for dinner when the refrigerator/pantry was just a leftover hodgepodge.  And 30 years ago, who would have thought of Thai Chicken Pizza or Cronuts, which now seem a bit tame.

Thinking about food mashups not only made me hungry, but it also inspired some thoughts about applying this creativity to our writing, photography or music to come up with new forms that people don’t even know they want.

Kind of like, who would have thought writing 140-character messages would be of interest to ANYONE?  Enter Twitter and another revolution began. (Speaking of Twitter:  Would you like to follow Getting Traction?)

So, here are my take-aways from the culinary mashup trend:

  1.  Twisted Humor – No one could think up Meatloaf Eggs without a wry sense of humor.  There must be a few disasters before something reasonably tasty comes out.  That’s part of the fun!  Push the envelope, don’t be afraid of damaging your image. Just be downright outrageous.  You can always edit it later… or not!
  2. Respect the Mundane – Take something commonplace that everyone understands and strrretttccchhh it!  Like similes, metaphors and clichés for example…add your twist and it could become your signature piece.  Like waffle burgers.
  3. Be Adventurous – Beyond the mundane lie roads untraveled.  Creativity provides entertainment, insight or information that turns our conventional ideas upside down and shakes up brains in often delightful ways.
  4. Embrace Fearlessness – what’s the worst that could happen?  You might offend someone?  Or lots of someones.  If you don’t, you’ll remain part of the vast invisible masses.
  5. Be Unique – Every story has been told, a million garden photos have been taken…what could you add from your unique existence to make it personal, memorable and life altering?
  6. Offer Samples – Who shares your love of words, images or the creative process?  Don’t be afraid to share what you’ve created, and even become generous with the ‘how’ of it.  Getting feedback is essential. Sharing your gifts is priceless and will come back to you many times.
  7. Accept Change and Flow With It – What’s hot today may be commonplace or RE-placed next month or next year.  Keep diving inside and looking beyond yourself to discover what connects, inspires and challenges status quo thinking.  You’ve got one-of-a-kind experience…go play with it!

On that note…I think I need a snack! 

If ‘Food Mashups’ haven’t hit your neighborhood, here’s a sample of some of the strangest food combos from

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2 Responses to Food Mashups! My 7 Creativity Take-Aways from a Quirky Trend

  1. Do you think it came from trying to use up leftovers? I can see that–have done it.

    How are you?

    • Diana C Pardee

      Leftovers plus a stomach of cast iron and a dash of extreme creativity! I really want to check out Bruxie for the waffle creations, since I love waffles. This was a fun post to write but made me hungry ;>}

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