Life and Blogging are Like a Camera

life is like a cameraI came across this quote picture on Facebook, posted by a friend, but created by Jack Canfield. I do love social media, even though it can be a time quicksand.

So now I have all the acknowledgements taken care of, I find it has inspired me to revisit the purpose of this blog.

It started with an idea to attract people to our new software product, as well as the wellness products with my longtime Shaklee business (still gotta have a plug for the best natural products around). Then, as the software concept imploded and the desire to find our way back to our deepest dreams emerged, it became a way to recreate our financial and creative lives.

  • First, by inspiring us to recommit to our passion for writing and creativity.
  • Second by building this blog to support others like us who were ready to delve into their true talents and become financially independent entrepreneurs. Creative entrepreneurs, that is.

As often happens with life, both our lives and this blog developed into something I never imagined as we struggled to find a path beyond our start-up partnership. Now that that dream has disappeared, this new vision seems much more coherent and valid. It addresses our core dreams and talents. As well as the ongoing desire to help others live better, healthier and more congruent lives.

All this may sound too philosophical for some of you…like, where is the meat? Yet I know there are many who have already embraced the desire to put their talents to work, their dreams into action and their finances in their own hands. And many who are entering their ‘third trimester of life’ who are ready to recapture their true essence, while creating a new stream of income… a necessity for so many of us.

As baby boomers ourselves, we are looking for paths to better health while revisiting all the talents we left underutilized while we busied ourselves with careers and family. It feels like it’s our time to develop all our experience, both positive and negative, then go out and take another shot at making a difference and discovering our true potential.

Just wanted you to know, I haven’t given up on my blog or my new creative life visions, and am recommitted to making it what I envision it can be. Yes, I’ve had a few distractions along the way, so every once in while I need to get back in focus and take another shot.

We all face these times, and the important point is to ‘take another shot”!

I really love this image! The great thing about the digital age is we don’t even need to buy new film. Just clean out the memory stick, keep what inspires us and refocus on the next shot.

Stay tuned for more content supporting writers, photographers and other creative folks, plus our own ventures into fiction and article writing.

I just turned 67 and I’m more enthusiastic about where I’m going than ever in my life.

How about you?

Where would you like to go and what could we offer to help?

Please share your thoughts in our comment section or contact me to offer a guest blog post. Or visit us on Twitter @gettingtraction or Facebook at


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2 Responses to Life and Blogging are Like a Camera

  1. yeah for endlessly curious baby boomers who write, insight

  2. I’m pretty darn happy with how life is going right now. I’ll take it a day at a time.

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