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Food Mashups! My 7 Creativity Take-Aways from a Quirky Trend

Bruxie waffle mashupAs a creative person, I love messing with recipes almost as much as words and images. Add a little of this, use this instead of that, reduce the sugar, salt or whatnot.  It’s fun and after years of cooking, it comes naturally.

But I have to say, the new trend of food mashups is way beyond anything I’ve come up with… like waffle burgers, oreos baked inside of cookie dough or tostado lasagna.  All this may have started in home kitchens trying to figure out what’s for dinner when the refrigerator/pantry was just a leftover hodgepodge.  And 30 years ago, who would have thought of Thai Chicken Pizza or Cronuts, which now seem a bit tame.

Thinking about food mashups not only made me hungry, but it also inspired some thoughts about applying this creativity to our writing, photography or music to come up with new forms that people don’t even know they want.

Kind of like, who would have thought writing 140-character messages would be of interest to ANYONE?  Enter Twitter and another revolution began. (Speaking of Twitter:  Would you like to follow Getting Traction?)

So, here are my take-aways from the culinary mashup trend: Continue reading


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