Too Late for 2014 Resolutions??

Creative Business PlanJanuary 15, 2014

I admit it…

I’ve been lurking, reading and critiquing all the articles about New Year’s resolutions.

Maybe not ALL, but lots.

Some are so upbeat that the cynic in me wonders how many times they re-used the same tired list or live in some delusional world where good stuff just happens.

Others…well, they’re already quoting the stats about how 92% of resolutions fail, or most are forgotten after 2 weeks.

Hhhhhmmm…just about NOW!  Have you forgotten what you wrote or even where you put that list from New Year’s Day?? Or did you even write anything down?

Do you want the probability estimates for attaining your life goals when you don’t write them down?

One word:  DISMAL!

My list usually starts in one of my many spiral ‘idea’ notebooks (‘which one?’, I ask myself a week later) or in my mobile moleskin (one in every bag, on the nightstand table, on my desk…) or in my head, the worst of the options since it is a vast forest of ideas, plans and dreams I have yet to tame.

Many years I just reused the same list, if I could find it.  Evidence of little progress made, or sometimes reverse progress.  Awww snap!

This year, as usual, new strategy.  This one might work.  Maybe.

No maybe’s!  Let’s resolve that we will make progress!

As creative entrepreneurs, we need to find inspiration enhanced by good business strategies.  Our left and right brain need to work together to turn our passions into profits.  This is the challenge and my mission is to reveal pathways to help us achieve our goals.

Resolutions help us start fresh, invigorating our ideas and goals with new passion.  They also need a backup plan to keep them activated!

My resolutions involve accountability to my blog readers, my team and myself.  Weekly check-ins to ensure someone might be holding me to my commitments.  This will also require some introspection and planning.

Plus, they involve mobile tools.  Evernote (read my post about online organizing tools HERE) so that the notes, revisions, goals don’t get lost on paper, on my desk or in my tote.  I can also edit them anywhere…yay!

And all this must be backed up by systems to keep me on track, focused and productive without stress or drama.

I have big plans for this year!  What about you?  Whether you’re following your gut, your feng shui consultant or your team’s plan for your future, let’s start by making the commitment to be all in with it.

There’s more we’ll discover and reveal along the way…for now…

Step ONE:  Be all in!

Meet you here tomorrow.  We are going to change our lives!


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3 Responses to Too Late for 2014 Resolutions??

  1. I used to track my progress year-to-year online for readers to see. This year, no. I usually reach my goals or have a reason why I didn’t. I’m just not a passive sort of creative entrepreneur.

    • Diana C Pardee

      I think people can see from your blogs that you are committed and consistent. You do a great job. Can you share any tips that have helped you stay active and productive?

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