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Creative Business PlanCreating a pathway to success out of potholes, ruts and detours…

At 65, we hit the skids, spun out of control, bashed into the highway barriers and ended up clinging for life on a cliff above a rocky shore.  And that was just the beginning of a s**tload of lessons we still needed to learn.

At our age, you’d think we had figured it out.  The thing about detours…sometimes you end up finding your true self and the talents, dreams and passions you’ve abandoned!

  • Have you struggled to get traction on a windy, bumpy road of ‘turn back’ or ‘wrong way’  or ‘detour ahead’ on your own personal ‘Mr Toad’s Wild Ride’ of life?
  • Even if you’re launched into the golden years of medicare and social security, are there talents left undeveloped or paths never taken that you want to explore?
  • Are you looking for a lifestyle you can love, while delving into your true gifts you left dormant?
  • Would you like to create income while living life on your own terms?  No Walmart greeter job for you, right?

Welcome to the 21st century…a time of both financial uncertainty and unlimited potential for entrepreneurs!  From 20-somethings to baby boomers, many of us are looking for more creative, entrepreneurial options for our futures and the old roads may seem too bumpy or unpredictable.

For creative entrepreneurs,  the 21st century offers the internet, social media, Amazon, Ebay, Google hangouts and online marketing to spread your product, service or creative talent.  There’s even more resources every day that can leverage your creativity to reach millions of people, solve problems or inspire others.

If we open our minds, set our fears aside, our human spirit prevails as we climb up off the cliff, inch by inch, to notice that the sun persistently rises, seeds germinate after brush fires and our attitude can transform even the worst disasters into opportunities.

Then a stranger enters your view…

Your entrepreneurial spirit is ready to take you in a new direction

Your creative talents provide opportunities for new income

Technology can help you put it all together!

Getting Traction invites you to join us as we search out undiscovered roads to explore, leveraging all the resources this new world has to offer!

Our passion?

Abundance and vitality as we age,

positive change and solutions for you

to help you make a difference in your world

Our focus?

Creativity combined with entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship enhanced by creativity


Putting the two together to create healthy

adventuress and sustainable lifestyles


Some tools, resources and community

to make it happen

in less time with more fun!


After all…we could live past 100 they tell us…what?  Guess we’ll have plenty of time to travel the world, meet our great-great grandchildren and even launch a start-up every decade or so.  Just gotta keep the motor running, get our talents in gear and grab a survival kit to help us stay in track.

Jump in with us… set your fears aside…

join the adventure & let’s explore transforming life together.

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