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Diana C Pardee

I’m a baby boomer with a passion for writing, creativity, learning and solving problems.

 So I started this blog with the goal of creating a space for like-minded people where we can build a community designed to support each other in developing income strategies, healthy lifestyles, adventure and creativity in our lives.

Blogs require writing… and lucky for me, I love to write.

I first fell in love with writing in second grade, when my teacher gave me an A+ for my first story.  Wow… what a feeling!

Bumps along the road, detours and disappointments in abundance eventually took it’s toll on my ambition to be a photo-travel journalist or romance novelist.

Now… I’m realizing life is not about ‘or’ but about ‘and’…taking our creativity and turning it into our entrepreneurial adventure is what I have in mind.

Hence the concept of  a ‘Creative Entrepreneur’!  Like thousands of people I have some creative talents I would like to develop into an income.  I love being an entrepreneur, but many artistic people feel there is a disconnect between entrepreneurship and writing, art, music or other creative passions.

Making the connection between the technology, computers, marketing and sales required to generate income from our creative talents provides a challenge for many.  We want to help people make the connection.

I’ve worked in many fields and they all have this in common – providing education, strategies and products to help people achieve their goals and enjoy life more.  

As an entrepreneur, I have enjoyed the challenges of taking an idea and turning it into a living system for collaboration and empowerment, solving problems along the way.  And sharing quality products and services I truly believe in.

 As an educator and leader, I have found the greatest reward in experiencing the transformations as we collaborate and build new lifestyles.

Now I’ve realized how satisfying and lucrative it could be to share my creative talents, along with my entrepreneurial resources to help  turn talents into a source of revenue.  Sound interesting?

And YES…did I mention I’m a Baby Boomer? Like you, perhaps, I’m looking for ways to spend my last trimester of life NOT  broke, sick, bored or cranky!  It’s never too late to follow our dreams and live the life we were meant to lead.

I hope  you’ll subscribe and join our social media community, too.

I’m looking forward to meeting you… so please share your comments, ideas or favorite resources so we can build a great community online that benefits everyone.

Welcome… Diana

p.s.  If you are interested in contributing to our community, please contact me at Diana@gettingtraction-dot-com


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